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We know how it is.

Leaving Japan is Tough.

You’ve got a million things to do, plan, and organize, on top of the emotions attached to moving on.

And finding all the information you need in order to complete your move is half the stress itself.

“I wish I had this when I moved from Japan last year. I couldn’t find a reliable source of information and it was a nightmare! I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends who are leaving Japan soon!” 

- Paulette, Tokyo, 2006-2010.

Now, it’s taken care of!

This guide contains all of the information, resources and advice you need in order to make the transition of leaving Japan as smooth as possible.

It’s divided into checklists - 3 Months To Go, 2 Months To Go, 1 Month To Go, 1 Week To Go and After You Leave Japan, so that you can keep on top of everything to ensure that you get everything done on time, as smoothly and easily as possible.

Downloadable onto your PC, Mac or iPad device. No eReader necessary.

Written by two former expats in Japan, we wrote this guide because we wish it has existed when we were preparing to leave! It would have made life a whole lot easier.

*Update: Edition 2 is out for 2012-2013 and contains updates from Ashley Thompson of Surviving in Japan and the Japan Times*

So use the knowledge we collected on your behalf, and enjoy your transition home.

“My husband and I are really glad to have the section about the Pension Refund!”

- Faye, Returnee.

A Taster of What You’ll Find Inside

3 Months to Go

  • How to collect letters of recommendation from your employer
  • Finding the cheapest flights home
  • Getting rid of things/ sending things home.

… and much more!

2 Months to go

  • Information on the best shipping companies
  • How to inform your landlord of your departure
  • Selling/ Transferring your car

& and much more!

1 Month to go

  • Find out how to cancel your utilities
  • Your options for transferring your money home
  • How to say your goodbyes
  • What your tax obligations are

Plus more!

After You Leave Japan

  • Step by step instructions on how to apply for your pension refund.
  • Tips on dealing with reverse culture shock on the return to your home country or next destination.
  • How to maintain a connection with Japan.

For the price of a cup of coffee (¥500), it will be the most informative and productive ‘advice over coffee’ you’ll ever get!

“This book is incredibly useful… it will make your life so much easier!” -Dennis, Tokyo.

“The information is arranged in checklists that gradually count down to your departure date, and supplemented with Japanese text and web links. If parting is such sweet sorrow, it just got a little sweeter.”

- Metropolis Magazine

Start Your Stress Free Move from Japan Today