What is the Stress Free Guide to Leaving Japan about?

It’s a 3 month checklist, detailing all of the procedures and events you should ever need to go through when leaving Japan! Whether you are a JET, a working professional, a stay at home Mom, or a student, there is advice and guidance for every foreigner leaving Japan.

What kind of info does it include?

You name it, it should be here. How to cancel your utilities, pack, send things home, apply for your pension refund, say a farewell speech in Japanese, sell/ transfer ownership of your car, fly with pets… we even covered re-entry culture shock on your return home/ next destination.

How many pages is it?

75. It’s pretty easy to flick through, and includes hyperlinks so that you can go from one section to another easily.

What does it contain about leaving Japan that I can’t find on the Internet?

All of the information contained most likely is on the Internet. But believe us there is a lot of outdated information, bad advice and sometimes it just takes hours to find the information you need. We’ve compiled all the stuff you need to know, and believe we have saved you hours and hours of research and reading. It also contains personal advice such as ‘Re-entry culture shock’, that would be hard to find online.

How do the checklists work?

The guide is divided into checklists – 3 Months To Go, 2 Months To Go, 1 Month To Go, 1 Week To Go and ‘After You Leave Japan’, so you can be sure to keep on top of everything to ensure you get everything done on time, as smoothly and easily as possible by checking it off a list as you go along.

How do I read it?

It’s a PDF file that is easily downloaded to your computer, phone or iPad. You do not need an eReader to read it although you can easily send it to your Kindle, Nook or Kobo device.


Leaving Japan Stress Free Checklist

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