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Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)

Reader’s Testimonials

“I wish I had this when I moved from Japan last year. I couldn’t find a reliable source of information and it was nightmare! I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends who are leaving Japan soon!”

- Paulette, Tokyo, 2006-2010.

“This book is incredibly useful… trust me it would make your life so much easier!”

- Dennis, Tokyo, 2007-2011

My husband and I are really glad to have the section about the pension refund!”

- Faye, Returnee 2011.

 ”The Stress-Free Guide to Leaving Japan came along at just the right time and saved me from drowning!”

- Ali, Returnee 2011

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Press Release

Press Release February 1st 2011

The Stress Free Guide to Leaving Japan Book Trailer


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